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Educational ExPro

The Helping Hands Educational Exchange Program

"Sponsoring bright talented students from poor families and communities to receive educational scholarships in exchange of their future support for their local communities after completing education"

Educational Exchange Program (ExPro) is designed to help bright and talented students without means to continue their higher studies secure scholarships to further their studies. In return, the students agrees to contribute small percentage of their earnings to support their local communities. ExPro is an exchange program designed to benefit the students and their communities.

The talented students receive education through scholarships and in return (exchange) agree to contribute towards community development support when they begin working. ExPro is a helping hand educational initiative that mirrors Student Loan Program except that the money paid back by ExPro beneficiaries  goes directly to support the local community of their origin.


The Helping Hands Movement through outreach and collaboration with selected colleges organizes ExPro by connecting students with scholarship opportunities. Additionally the Helping Hands Movement collaborates with individual families in host countries to participate in ExPro by providing accommodation through "Host Family Initiatives".

Receiving Education to Give back in exchange for future community support and development

The Helping Hands Educational Exchange Program aims at providing an opportunity to talented students from poor communities worldwide to secure educational scholarships, and in return, the students will give back by supporting their communities.

Host Family Initiatives

Host Family Initiatives provides international students with an opportunity to integrate with families in host countries in order to enhance cultural exchange and experience. Host families through "Open-Your-Door-For-A-Needy-Student" campaign provides accommodation for ExPro Students.

Educational helping hands to prepare development path for poor communities in developing countries through ExPro.

ExPro Steps

  1. The Helping Hands Movement in collaboration with colleges make efforts to offer educational scholarships to talented poor students
  2. The Helping Hands conducts thorough assessment of potential scholarship beneficiaries to determine they meet criteria
  3. The Helping hands Movement collaborates with individual families in host country to participate in Host Family Initiatives to provide accommodation to ExPro students.
  4. The Helping Hands Movement enters into a contract with the ExPro student to sign an agreement to contribute certain percentage of their earnings to develop/support their community of origin.
  5. The Helping Hands Movement keeps detailed tracking and assessments of academic progress of ExPro student(s) 
  6. The Helping Hands raises funds through Patrons Initiatives to fund the program

ExPro Goals

  • To invest in educational scholarships for bright and talented students from poor families, and in return, empower ExPro students to support their local communities after completing education
  • To work closely with colleges to adopt ExPro curricula for talented students with no means of paying for higher studies
  • To encourage individual participation in Host Family Initiatives to enhance community and cultural experience 
  • To prepare a pathway for community development by supporting talented students with greater academic potentials
  • To provide ExPro students with varieties of career options such as education in medicine, engineering, business, etc, 

ExPro Local

Educational scholarships to study in institutions within the country of domicile. The Helping Hands Movement collaborates with local colleges to secure scholarships for poor talented student in an effort to impact the world through education.

ExPro International

Educational scholarships to study in foreign institutions. The helping Hands Movement in collaboration with sponsoring foreign institutions helps poor students study in the technical and medical fields as a step to give poor communities an opportunity to progress.

ExPro Patrons

You don't have to be a beneficiary of ExPro to give back towards community development. ExPro Patrons are individuals supporting the program through their donations and fundings. They are "The Good Samaritans" extending supporting hands to uplift bright talented students with no means or resources to continue their studies. Patrons are individuals with passionate devotion to help others achieve their goals through education to become productive members of the community.

Join our effort to sponsor talented poor students get education. 

Uplift poor communities through The Helping Hands Educational ExPro. 

Partner with The Helping Hands Educational  ExPro as a Patron. 

Educate one student today; support a community in future. 

No act of kindness is too little to make a BIG impact!

I'm a devoted ExPro Patron. Are you?

Join us now.

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