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A Helping Hand is the bridge across diversities, connecting all lives in our universe. You can be a helping hand as an individual or group. Your achievements are the fruits of your hard work; how you impact the world around you will be the legacy you leave behind for generations to come. 

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Read the most frequently asked questions about "Taking Matters in My Hands". Please feel free to email us any question you may have and our team will respond in a timely manner.

What is “Taking Matters in My Hands (TMIMH)”?

"Taking Matters in My Hands", also known as "The Helping Hands Campaign" is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded to inspire, empower, and encourage  individuals and groups to respond to problems affecting humans, animals, and the environment. This is a global campaign to help make the world a better place for all lives.

For what reason was TMIMH founded?

Our Organization was founded to inspire, empower, and promote the spirit of responsibility, and encourage individuals and groups to respond by providing helping hands in times of needs for humans, animals, and the environment.

What type of help does TMIMH provide?

Problems affecting humans, animals, and the environment are complex, and at times vary both in nature and severity. The help is provided by individuals and groups, who through empathy and love, take initiatives to provide help or needed resources whenever they come across a person or animals in need. This goes for individuals and groups who play crucial roles in protecting and preserving the environment being destroyed by pollution and negative habits. The help can be as simple as removing a banana peel from a pathway, for example. A banana peel has the potentials to trip someone and cause injuries. A responsible individual would respond by removing the banana peel, and does not need permission to do that. This is the essence on which TMIMH is founded.

How does TMIMH provide this help?

Our Organization uses stories and testimonies of individuals and groups who take extraordinary steps to provide help to people in need, animals in danger, and the environment being destroyed by pollution and negative habits to inspire others to do the same. These individuals and groups are known as TMIMH trailblazers. Every little act of kindness has indelible impact, and can be replicated. TMIMH is devoted to inspire individuals to discover the power of  helping hands. How does your action impact the world? We all have the power to impact the world in a positive way by paying attention to our surroundings. If you see something wrong, correct it within the limits of your ability, or just report it. Remember, the world around you is always communicating to you messages. Look, listen, learn, and act!

Where does TMIMH operate?

Our Organization operates all over the world. If you are a helping hand, your physical address or location is the location of The Helping Hand. Everyday, individuals and groups engage in activities aimed at eradicating problems negatively impacting humans, animals, and environment. They provide the needed helping hands wholeheartedly without prompts or command. They do this out of love and affection without seeking compensation or payment in return.  

Do these individuals or groups know they take matters in their hands every time they provide helping hands to  a person, an animal, or the environment?

What these individuals and groups do originates from the story of  the Good Samaritan, who provided a helping hand to a victim of robbery, even though others who walked the same path ignored to help the same victim. Anyone who voluntarily acts in a manner that seeks to solve any problem affecting humans, animals, or the environment does not know he/she is taking matters in own hands. However, this organization was founded to posit the phrase, "taking matters in own hands" positively even though the phrase has for a long time been deemed negative according to the law. Thus, we all can take matters in our hands for good reasons too, and that’s exactly what these individuals and groups are doing every time they respond in times of need.

What’s the goal of TMIMH?

Our Organization seeks to inspire, empower, and encourage individuals and groups to respond to problems they happen to come across, and to promote a society where everyone is mandated to act within the limits of their abilities whenever they happen to come in contact with problems affecting humans, animals, and the environment. Making this world a better place  is our duty and responsibility.

Who can join TMIMH?

Anyone of sound mind, guided by intuition, and has the ability to differentiate right and wrong, or good and bad, may participate in The Helping Hands Movement. There is no age limit required to participate. This organization is a movement for everyone responding and providing helping hands to all lives in need.

How do I participate in The Helping Hands Movement?

You may participate by providing help to a person or an animal in need. You may also participate by removing or reporting items deemed dangerous to the environment. Share your stories and testimonies using #iTMIMH (i Take matters in my hands), or share with us someone’s whose extraordinary story has impacted lives positively. You may also donate funds to support TMIMH efforts. TMIMH has three main categories of focus.

What are the three main categories?

The three main categories, also known as "three life" spheres are: Humans, Animals, and Environment (land, water, atmosphere).

How much can I donate to qualify as a helping hand?

Every act of kindness impacts the world in different ways and proportions. No act of good deed is too small to make a difference. We all have different levels of abilities. No problem is too big for the power of Helping Hands to handle. Your initiative to make a change starts from the heart when you come across any problem negatively impacting any life.

Can I choose which category/life-sphere to support?

Yes. You may choose any category of life you are passionate about, and would like to extend your helping hands to support. Our Organization however, encourages everyone to act whether personally or by reporting problems they notice, which can potentially impact life negatively. We don’t plan which problems to come in contact with. For example, if you are an ardent supporter of animal welfare but come in contact with an issue that negatively affects humans or the environment, we encourages you to report it. Someone somewhere, who perhaps engages in activities geared towards supporting humans or environment won’t hesitate to provide the helping hand after learning of the problem.

What if I come across a problem but unable to provide any help even though I would have loved to help?

You can take matters in your hands by reporting the problem. Most helps people, animals, and environment receive come about because someone was somewhere at the right time to witness the problem and took initiatives to report by either calling the authorities, notifying someone, or in some cases these days, posting and sharing on social media. Becoming a mandated reporter qualifies you to be a member of this organization because your action seeks to help solve the problem you notice.

Does TMIMH offer employment?

Our Organization does not offer employment because it's an organization for individuals and groups devoted to impact the world around them. All acts of kindness people engage in everyday are voluntary, and do not emanate from prompts, commands, or coercion. They do not expect any form of compensation for their acts of good deed. Our Organization is a platform for these individuals and groups to share their stories and testimonies to inspire others. Anyone who voluntarily provides a helping hand to a needy person, an animal in danger, or the environment being destroyed by pollution and negative habits does not expect payment in return. Their compassion to help save lives transcend personal gains or benefits. Our mission is a campaign.

How is TMIMH Organization managed?

Our Organization is managed by League of Good Samaritans (L.O.G.S) that oversees the operations and general management of the organization. LOGS are individuals whose passion and commitment are geared towards making the world a better place. They volunteer to participate in The Helping Hands Movement by providing their leadership expertise, insight, advice, and other necessary managerial resources to help the Organization achieve its goals. LOGS are ordinary individuals with exemplary records, and have taken matters in their hands in various ways to impact lives around their worlds. 

Who funds the organization?

The Helping Hands Movement is funded by individuals, groups, and entities devoted to impact the world positively. Our organization is tax exempt or 501(c)(3). That means, your donations are tax deductible in the US. For non US citizens, please check the eligibility criteria or tax code for your country. No amount is too small to make an impact. There is no minimum or maximum limit you can donate to help impact life in need. Your willingness to help in times of need is a voluntary initiative, and cannot be quantified. Any individual or group is encouraged to donate any amount to help impact the world positively. When helping hands join together, their power is unstoppable. Our Organization also encourages a "DIY" approach. Do It Yourself (DIY) approach is immediate, appropriate, and effective way of making the world a better place. If you choose to provide a helping hand directly, mission is accomplished because that's our primary campaign. 

I am a recipient of “acts of kindness” by someone who responded to provide a helping hand when I needed help. Can I share my story with The Helping Hands Organization?

Yes. You may share your testimony with our organization. Remember, this platform is for you too. Most people do not remember every acts of kindness they engage in everyday. Acts of kindness impacts last a long time with those who receive them. Tell your story here because you are a living testimonies of how helping hands make impacts.

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