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Taking matters in my hands (TMIMH ) has been in existence for generations, although subconsciously. A famous typical example is, “the Good Samaritan". A story is told in the Bible, (Luke 10:30-35) that one day, a man was going about his business when he suddenly came across a victim of robbery. The man responded by providing help to the victim. He took the victim to a place where he could receive treatment. Additionally, he offered to take full responsibility of all expenses arising from care and treatment. This was the beginning of the famous phrase, “Good Samaritan".

The Samaritan took matters in his own hands when he saved the life of a robbery victim by providing a helping hand even though others who walked the same path, ignored to help the same victim. Everyday, we come across various problems; some as simple as a banana peel on a pathway. TMIMH calls for an immediate response to solve a problem. A banana peel on a pathway has the potentials to trip someone and cause injuries. A responsible individual would remove the banana peel, and does not need permission to do that. This is the fundamental essence on which TMIMH is founded.

From "A helping hand"


"The Good Samaritan"

He was going his way when he suddenly came across a victim of robbery. Out of sympathy for the victim, he offered a helping hand that saved the life of the victim. Before he came across the victim, he was just a Samaritan. His act of kindness gave rise to the famous phrase, "The Good Samaritan".

Our inspiration to launch this movement, stems from countless moments we came across problems we found ourselves solving or seeking solutions for even though such problems didn’t concern us. We still took the initiatives to correct the things we felt were not in order. To mention just a few, one day as I was walking a long a trail in the woods, I came across a young fragile chick that had fallen off its nest on a nearby tree. I didn't need permission to save the young chick whose mother was stranded and desperate after her chick fell off the nest. Buying winter boots for a stranger who was wearing open shoes, and had to walk several miles to get home was the right thing to do. Removing non-biodegradable trash, inappropriately disposed, and are potentially harmful to the environment doesn't require authorization from the authorities so long as it is safe to do so. This goes for the individuals or groups we always see take extraordinary steps to assist in times of need, or play a role in solving problems affecting humans, animals, or the environment. 

All these acts of kindness we engaged in were our responses after the world around us spoke to us about the things that were wrong - (1) a young chick that fell off its nest  (2) non-biodegradable items disposed off inappropriately (3) a stranger with open shoes who had to walk miles to get home in the middle of heavy snow. If you pay close attention to the three acts of kindness we engaged in, you notice they all touch lives in different categories - human life, environment life, and wildlife.

What if we had a society of empowered, inspired, and motivated citizens, who would rather do something to help solve problems they happen to come across? Problems are problems because we are paying attention to our surrounding even if such problems do not directly affect us. Well, there are such people amongst us, although we hardly notice them because their actions may seem benign in most instances, and are not worth fascinating about. Tracking these actions is a powerful inspirational tool we can employ to advance the spirit of succor. There are those of you out there, who perhaps share the same conviction as we are. A moment you take to provide assistance of any nature, whether to strangers, animals, or just our natural environment, is an indelible testimony. It may not mean a thing after you go your way, but the impact you leave behind could be the difference between life and death. Bottomline, the gratitude is immense because you responded after the world around you spoke to you about what was wrong.

This movement is committed to advancing your story; connecting you at a global platform where your story will be an inspiration to someone out there. Every story is unique, both in nature and substance, but they all fit in harmony under the umbrella of The Helping Hands Organization. That’s why our advocacy approach, presents an objective outreach, touching all lives, whether about the environment, humans, or animals. Please join The Helping Hands Movement today to make a difference. The future of this planet is in our hands.

Taking Matters in My Hands Organization


What Makes Us Unique

Our ability to synchronize all efforts geared towards impacting the world arounds us  into one movement, provides a platform for everyone, eliminating conflicts, restrictions, and barriers. We have revolutionized a new path for responding and providing essential services in times of need to impact the world around us. The Helping Hands Movement is bridging diversities.

"One-Path-For-All Lives"

The Helping Hands

Our Mission Statement

To inspire, empower, and encourage individuals and groups to be helping hands in order to create a responsible and empowered society where everyone is mandated to voluntarily respond, act, and participate in a manner that immediately seeks to solve, manage, or eradicate problems affecting humans, animals, and environment.

Our Vision Statement 

A world of inspired and empowered individuals,  and groups, selflessly mandated, motivated, and devoted to take immediate action within their ability to solve, manage, or eradicate problems affecting all lives. 

Helping Hands Defined

“Every time you voluntarily engage in any act that seeks to promote, improve, or support the welfare and wellbeing of a person in need, an animal facing danger, or the environment being destroyed by pollution and negative habits, you take matters in your hands

Our Objectives

  • To empower individuals, groups, and entities to act within the limits of their abilities to help solve problems they happen to come across
  • To create a global network of individuals, groups, and entities committed to taking matters in their hands to respond and solve problems
  • To create awareness that taking matters in your own hands is a noble cause and can positively impact humans and animals lives, as well as the environment
  • To create a movement of responsible individuals and groups where they can share their stories, testimonies, and experiences as they continue to take matters in their hands
  • To create a limitless movement that deals with array of issues people come across every day, including incidences and situations they regularly come in contact with
  • To create a movement for those individuals and groups who play pivotal role in impacting lives and the environment in various ways
  • To provide a platform for those individuals, groups, and entities participating in TMIMH where resources needed to help further the mission can be shared.
  • To track and recognize all ‘subconscious’ members of TMIMH, whose sacrifices have made impacts in the lives of those in need, animals, and the environment; and those other individuals who were at the right place, at the right time to witness what could have been catastrophic, but because of their actions of taking matters in their hands to report the incidents, the 'would-be catastrophes' were averted
  • To educate and encourage everyone to take matters in their hands to make a difference, knowing that no good deed is too small to make a difference
  • To provide a platform to tell stories of individuals who continue to be grateful because someone took matters in his/her hands to help at the times of dire need 

"My World"

All places of my physical presence, whether permanent, temporary, or occasional at any given time is "my world". All lives have worlds, also referred to as “habitats” in some cases. Some worlds are often referred to as “paradises”, while others are indescribable due to poor standard or severe conditions. 

Some lives have the means and capacity to alter the state and standard of their worlds to suit their preference and comfort. For those lives without the capacity and means to change unfavorable conditions, they either adapt, escape, or die. 

How would you describe your world?

Natural characteristics all lives have in common is the ability to adapt in order to survive and ensure continuity except when conditions are unnatural. Environment cannot adapt to pollution. Animals cannot adapt to harsh and dangerous conditions. 

The Helping Hands Movement would like to inspire you to act whenever you see or hear anything wrong around your world. You may be on transit to another location when you suddenly notice something wrong. Don’t walk away saying, “it's not my problem”. It may seem as if that was a coincidence but in real sense, it was by design. You can take matters in your hands to help address problems you happen to come across around your world.

Some actions and habits that impact the world around us negatively!

Irresponsible hobby choice



Inappropriate waste disposal

Negligent sewage discharge

Toxic fumes emission

Child labor, abuse, and neglect

Animal abuse and neglect

"Taking Matters in my Hands" 

What It Is

Redefinition of taking matters in my hands qualifies what has been deemed negative in the eye of the law. The phrase, “Good Samaritan” did not emerge out of nowhere. Of course, the existence of the Samaritans didn’t mean a thing until such a time when the “good one” came along.

What if we consider all the good deeds people indulge in everyday; making rational decisions without consulting or being prompted by others, or split-second decisions people make to correct the wrongs….? All these actions amount to “taking matters in own hands.” The “executor” of the action often makes arbitrary decision to act in a manner that is expected to yield pragmatic result. 

I take matters in my hands when:

  • I volunteer
  • I support someone in need
  • I donate funds and resources for a worthy course
  • I report something wrong to the appropriate authority
  • I rescue and protect endangered animals
  • I protect and preserve the environment 
  • I take matters in my hands because it’s my duty and responsibility

How do you impact the world around you?

Our biggest challenge is knowing how we play a role in everything that impact the world around us. The environment suffers the most because of our actions. A perfect example is pollution. Most pollutants come from humans in the form of waste. A waste material is a product devoid of significant benefits to the user. Such products or byproducts play negative roles on other lives they come in contact with whenever disposed off inappropriately. 

Fact:  What's useless to you may be useful to some lives. All you need to do is 

          pass it on provided it proves to be useful thereafter.

Fact:  Before you pass it on to the environment, find out first if the 

          environment will accept it. Otherwise seek responsible ways 

          of waste management and disposal.

Fact:  What makes you happy could be detrimental to another life. What role 

          does your life play on another life?

Fact:  If you think it's not your world, remember it's NOT a free world either.

          Other lives may call it home. Act responsibly around your world!

Fact: You don't have to keep animals if you have no time or means of 

         ensuring their care and safety.

Fact: Children are our future. All they need is love and care, NOT  hard labor,

         mistreatment, or abuse of any form.


"Taking Matters in my Hands" 

What It Is NOT!

Any action(s) that contravenes law and order is NOT “taking matters in my hands.” The legal system is responsible for handling all infractions, misdemeanors, felonies, and conflicts. TMIMH does not encourage or promote lawlessness but instead promotes individual or group responsibility that positively impacts lives or situations. The following are some examples of what TMIMH is NOT:

  • Getting paid for actions taken to correct something wrong does not amount to “taking matters in my hands”. The benefits associated with work performed is payment.
  • Working for any nonprofit organization, community-based organizations, etc., earning wages and salaries, is not “taking matters in my hands”. The founder of the organization however, may meet the criteria because he/she sought to find solutions for a problem by founding the organization.
  • Commanding, coercing, or forcing others to correct something against their own free will
  • Helping or assisting others because of mutual relationship
  • Getting even due to differences; settling conflicts using violence, and acting out of compulsion without regards to consequences resulting from such actions
  • Acting on something for reasons of individual benefits
  • All matters involving politics. Although politicians play a big role in community development, and in most parts respond to various issues affecting the people, animals, and the environment, that is what they are elected to do, or do to get elected.
  • Impersonation of any kind even if it’s for good intentions
  • Promoting individuals or groups who have taken matters in their hands for monetary gains such as fees, kick-backs, commissions, etc.
  • Solicitation of any kind to gain benefits
  • Taking the law in your own hands
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