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Message from the founder

To my fellow Humans,

It’s with great honor, pleasure, and humility to introduce Taking Matters in My Hands Organization, also known as The Helping Hands campaign. The Helping Hands is a 501(c)(3) global Nonprofit Organization founded to lead a campaign on how to make the world a better place through Acts of Kindness. We believe that positive actions have positive effects and can improve quality of life. Such positive actions are replicable, and can inspire others to do the same. The power of a helping hand is formidable, impactful, and indelible.

Everyday, we come in contact with various issues and problems that affect humans, animals, or the environment negatively. Although it’s in our nature to often ignore these issues if they don’t affect us personally or directly, there are certain individuals who would rather do something to correct the anomalies. All it takes is helping, providing the needed resources, or just reporting the problem if and whenever necessary. We are familiar with the phrase “the Good Samaritan,” and often use it whenever someone takes initiatives to act in an extraordinary way to help in times of need. This is the fundamental essence on which our Organization is founded. Our Organization calls for and encourages individuals and groups to respond in order to help solve, manage, or eradicate problems within the limits of their abilities. No good deed is too small to make a difference.

Our Organization is open to everyone and invites you to join our campaign. Your involvement can help make an impact on someone’s life, save animals facing danger, or protect and preserve the environment. This Organization was founded to inspire everyone using stories/testimonies of selfless, devoted, and committed individuals and groups who continue to impact the world around them through Acts of Kindness. Most of you have taken, and are perhaps continuing to take matters in your hands in various ways without even realizing because of your love and respect for life.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude, and at the same time encourage you to keep up the good spirit of impacting lives. Keep in mind that your Acts of Kindness are the reasons why our Organization was founded. Think of moments when we brought our hands together as a team; mission was accomplished. Please join our global campaign now and let’s team up together because saving and preserving life is our duty and responsibility to make the world a better place. All the answers are in our hands. Are you in?

Welcome and thank you all.

     M. R. Thomas, Founder

     The Helping Hands Organization

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