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Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving Back to the Community

Impacting the world around us is a collaborative effort requiring all hands on deck. Corporate Helping Hands can be understood under the contemporary context of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – giving back to, and/or responding to problems affecting the community. Most business organizations are discovering the benefits of giving  back to the community in the form of project fundings, program management, donations, and all other efforts geared towards improving the lives of the local communities within their areas of operation. 

Some business organizations have discovered the benefits of a healthy planet earth, and are actively participating in environmental restoration efforts - planting trees, cleaning rivers and oceans, recycling paper products to reduce deforestation, all for one goal - Saving our Planet. Corporate Helping Hands also include but not limited to emergency supports during disasters to help respond to the needs of all lives negatively impacted.

How corporate organizations impact the world around

Helping hands for animals conservation

Conservation efforts to protect endangered species 

Reforestation and conservation efforts

One of the Corporate Helping Hands core responsibilities is community development to impact many lives locally. These include Affordable Housing Projects, Parks and Recreational facilities, educational programs, among many more.

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