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Problems affecting life that need immediate response

Priority Mission   >>>   Intervention (Covid-19 Impact)

Category Impacted   >>>   Humans

Location   >>>   Global  (2019 - to date)

The Helping Hands Response   >>>   Operation WAITT

Target Group   >>>   Individuals and Families Impacted by Covid-19

Goal   >>>   Fundraising/Outreach/Counseling/Support system

Global Impact of Covid-19 

The Helping Hands Movement response to the global pandemic: 

Operation We Are In This Together (WAITT)

The world around us is always telling us something. All we need to do is pay attention? Well, the impact of Covid-19 is continuing to lay waste on its path. We are all facing the threat of this deadly virus together. However, Silently and separately, as we continue to exercise physical/social distancing directives, there are individuals in unique situations during this toughest time in our history. 

The Helping Hands Movement is launching “Operation We Are In This Together (WAITT)” in response to the silent challenges this deadly virus has brought upon us. Our children depend on us but the fear of the uncertainty is written on our faces since we have no one to turn to.  What if you are across the world far away from home, dealing with this fear of unknown and uncertainty? What if all you need is just someone to talk to? These are some of the circumstances individuals are silently dealing with as a result of this deadly pandemic.

The double-edged sword

"Global impact of Covid-19"

"Daily individual battles due to Covid-19"

Please join our Operation WAITT to support individuals in dire need today. The challenge of putting food on the table is growing day by day as this deadly virus continues to threaten our lives. Imagine being far away from home, in a far away region of the world where no one knows you or your story. Those individuals are continuing to suffer silently in our communities. The Helping Hands Movement is here, unveiling Operation WAITT to mobilize resources that can help respond to the needs of individuals in such circumstances. Perhaps you are that individual of the diaspora community. There are individuals and families of the diaspora community so severely impacted, and have no one to turn to. We are inviting you to be a part of Operation WAITT. Please donate today; donate whatever you have. No amount is too small to make a difference.

Sometimes, emotional support is all that someone needs after losing loved ones while at the same time continuing to face the threats of this deadly virus. The economic uncertainty also has a far reaching psychological nightmare such as mental health, compounded by constant fear of the unknown. The Helping Hands Movement is inviting you counselors and therapists to join Operation WAITT to help nurture our fragile emotions during this global dark moment in our history. The world around us is continuing to speak, speaking messages of sad stories individuals are silently going through because this deadly virus has completely altered our lives. Covid-19 has and is continuing to claim lives, forcing us to shelter in place, and limiting our ability to provide for our families. Don’t let it take away the very essence of our existence. Operation WAITT! Nothing can stand in our way. Together we will triumph.

Let's Join our hands together to defeat Covid-19.

Operation W.A.I.T.T.

Helping Hands for individuals and Families Impacted by Covid-19

Life without a Job

Some individuals have lost businesses and jobs. Dealing with constant fear of what life will be without a job is a fervent psychological nightmare. The stress of not knowing whether life will ever return to normal, or when this pandemic will come to an end is unbearable. 

The more this virus continues to lay waste and threaten global human life, the more adverse effects we continue to experience. Health experts are warning about increase in downward trend in mental health both in  young and old individuals.


What better hope is there than the encouragement not to give up or fear..... 

We Are In This Together!

Life away from home

Leaving home in quest for certain goals such as work, education, or other reasons is brave. Some individuals have lost their jobs or businesses, and are now faced with serious challenges of providing for their families due to the impact of this global pandemic. 

The threats of Covid-19 is not the only worry these individuals have to contend with. A new threat with far reaching negative impact is looming..... Fear of not knowing where food will come from is real. Fear of not knowing how they will maintain roofs over their heads, and the constant worry of being the next victims of Covid-19 is unimaginable to say the least. 

What better hope is there than the assurance that they should not be afraid....

We Are In This Together!



Join Operation WAITT to Support Families Impacted by Covid-19

Show them that they are not alone,"#IamHere"

Be A Helping Hand; Impact Your World

Operation We Are In This Together!

Operation Response to Natural Disasters 

You can help support lives affected by natural disasters such as floods, fire, tornados, and earthquakes.  Your donations will not only bring much needed relief, most importantly, it will make a huge difference in the lives affected by these disasters. 

Just listen or learn, then act. The world around us is speaking, telling us sad messages of these heart-wrenching disasters and how they affect innocent lives around the world from time to time. Do it yourself (DIY) as a volunteer or reach out to organizations already providing the much needed support to the affected lives. This is how your helping hands can impact life.

Flood disasters

Fire Disasters

Earthquakes and Mudslides

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