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Religious Helping Hands Efforts

The Helping Hands Biblical Foundation

Religious organizations operate under strict guiding principles firmly founded on strong beliefs in higher powers. These organizations play interventional pivotal roles all over the world by providing helping hands to those in need. This forms part of their mission besides ministering and spreading the gospel. However, biblical foundation of The Helping Hands can be understood as God’s direct instruction to man in the beginning.

When God completed His creation, He loved His work and said, “It was good”, (Genesis 1:25, 31). So, He put man in charge of all His creations, (Genesis 1:28). ​This was a Devine instruction and responsibility directed by God. Looking at the state of the world now, has man followed and lived up to that instruction? Do you think God is happy with the state of what He Himself admired and saw to be good?

The mission of The Helping Hands campaign is to inspire and rally everyone to respond to problems affecting all lives. It is a campaign to rally everyone because God instructed man to take charge of all His creations. Today, there are individuals, groups, and organizations worldwide providing services that fulfill God’s will but are not directly or indirectly affiliated to any faith or religion. Why is that? Because God can use anyone He chooses for His work, (Matthew 3:9). Love made life; love saves lives.

Ask yourself, how can we dedicate our lives, preaching to the world about the benefits of eternal life that comes through Jesus Christ or belief in some higher powers if we do not even value the life we have now? Our actions now will determine our future, including the very eternal life that comes through faith and trust in God. We all have choices but not excuses for our behaviors. We can fulfill the will of God through Acts of Kindness to all lives. Religious organizations can impact lives in need to fulfill God’s instruction to man when He created heavens and earth.

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