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Sometimes the only helping hand they need for their "Helping Hands" is 

"Thank You"


Thank You!

No words can express our utmost gratitude to all Doctors, Nurses, and Healthcare team worldwide for their relentless devotion to saving lives amid the world's worst pandemic in our generation. May God continue to shower you with immense blessings. You are the Guardian Angels and shinning stars as we continue to walk in dark paths of Covid-19. Job well done!


"The Visible Guardian Angels"


Thank You Firemen!

Who dares stand in the way of fire?  No one..... except firemen. Thank you for the bravery and dedication to battle the blaze that continue to impact lives. Humans, animals, and environment, all continue to suffer the wrath of scary and raging infernos. We have always counted on you. 

Great Job Firemen! 

"Not On My Watch!"


Thank You Teachers!

Without teachers, how can our children navigate complex educational landscape? No doubt, Covid-19 has made it almost impossible for our children to continue normal learning. Let's thank our devoted teachers worldwide for continuing to stand strong in the face of this dooming global pandemic. Despite the challenges, they continue to explore various options to help our children adjust and adapt. Because of their dedication and commitment, our children can continue with education. 

Great Job Teachers! 

"Adjusting and adapting; our children can safely attend classes remotely"

The "abnormal normal"

"Braving in the face of danger to teach our children"

Thank You!

The fear of contracting coronavirus has forced us to seek safer alternative ways to avoid the spread of Covid-19. Wearing mask and social distancing are the messages we contend with everyday.

As we observe and adhere to social distancing mandates, there are some individuals who cover long distances to ensure grocery stores and shops have enough supplies. 

There are no better words to express how grateful we are. 

Thank you to all farmers, manufacturers, grocery store workers, and transporters for making it possible to have these food items and supplies available and accessible.

"Covering long distances to make supplies accessible"

"Maintaining food supplies" 

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