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State Of The Planet Earth

Look . Listen . Learn . Act

Message from Humans - "Life in Danger!"

Message from Oceans, Lakes, and Aquatic lives - "Life in Danger!"

Message from Rivers and Streams - "Life in Danger!"

Message from the Atmosphere - "Life in Danger!"

Message from Forests - "Life in Danger!"

What the Messages Say

All these messages have one thing in common....."destruction". These are the lives that define what planet earth is. The question is, who's responsible for such massive destruction threatening lives that make the planet? This is the intricate part because the underlying factor and the life responsible for such profound destructions is man. Arguably, life supports life, meaning if one life is to thrive, another life has to support it. Thus, the process leads to what's referred to as "cycle of life" that directly depends on an environment where temperatures, ocean salinity, oxygen, and other factors of habitability complement each other, also known as homeostasis . Unfortunately, the messages tell a whole different story because toxic wastes, fumes, and destructive habits that inhibit the ability of earth to regulate itself, are all working against the optimal homeostatic balance, (ref. Gaia hypothesis).     

"Optimal Homeostatic Balance"

Physical and Chemical environment optimal for contemporary life 

"Threats to Homeostatic Balance"

Deteriorating condition of planet earth due to man's irresponsible actions and habits

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