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What role do you play around your world?

There are three secondary roles we all play on other lives. Note that these roles are distinct and separate from primary roles, also known as obligations or responsibilities, and must not be confused. 

Bringing Something

Taking Something

Destroying Everything

All impacts that improve and preserve the wellbeing of other lives are efforts that "bring something to the table". These are the fundamental acts of kindness that not only add value to other lives but also play pivotal roles in solving and eradicating problems. These are voluntary acts out of empathy and are compensatory in nature, filling in the void to help restore the deficit and alleviate suffering. 

Taking something is not wrong. All lives are dependent, and cannot survive without the support of other lives. In this category, relationship is nonreciprocal. The relationship is dependent on the availability of the benefit and is not mutualistic. Only one life enjoys the benefits the other life provides.

These are lives that DO NOT participate or contribute to any preservation effort. Their role is counterproductive with profound destructive habits. They may take something but with no remorse or  consideration for the negative impacts they create as shown:

  • destroying natural habitat of other lives
  • forceful acquisition of something by destroying the host/owner.
  • dangerous lifestyle and habits that jeopardize the existence of other lives 

"Effect on One; Effect on All"

Do you know that one Act of kindness on one life is an Act of kindness on many lives, and one negative act on One life is a negative act on Many lives

If you do it for One, you do it for All

If you sacrifice for One, you sacrifice for All

If you save One, you save All

If you destroy One, you destroy Others

If One suffers, All suffer


Humans, Animals, and Environment have one thing in common



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