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Who can join The Helping Hands Movement?

Any person of sound mind, who can differentiate good and bad, or right and wrong, guided by intuition all over the world, has the mandate to take matters in own hands. There is no age, gender, race, profession, or jurisdictional limitations. Acts of kindness emanate from the heart. It involves a deeper emotional connection with reality, leading to voluntary decision to act in order to solve a problem, change a situation for better, or provide the resources needed.

Acts of kindness happen every day, all over the world as individuals and groups continue to respond to problems affecting lives. The primary goal of ‘The Helping Hands Movement' is to create a forum for those selfless individuals and groups whose self-esteem and commitment to help in times of need transcend personal gains or benefits. Entities such as organizations, businesses, agencies, etc. can join 'The Helping Hands Movement' through their contributions and donations to help support the mission. Such entities even though operate independently outside the framework of TMIMH Organization, they from time to time dedicate portions of their resources for charitable purposes, which in essence conform and fall under our mission.

Helping Hands Individual(s)

Helping Hands Group(s)

Helping Hands Entities

• Individual(s) taking

matters in his/her

hands (TMIMH


• Individual(s) donating

funds to support

TMIMH efforts

• Individual(s)

supporting TMIMH


• Groups taking matters

in their hands

(TMIMH group


• Group(s) donating

funds to support

TMIMH efforts

. Group(s) supporting TMIMH Trailblazer(s)

• Business, companies,

organizations, agencies, etc.,

taking matters in their


• Entities donating

funds to support

TMIMH efforts

• Entities supporting

TMIMH Trailblazers


Taking Matters in Your Hands by "Giving a Hand".

When you support individuals or groups already taking matters in their hands to help people in need, animals facing danger or environment being destroyed by pollution, ‘you give a hand to advance that effort. You may be individuals, groups, businesses, agencies, etc., so inspired and encouraged by The Helping Hands Movement, and are willing to support by donating funds or resources. Your generous contributions to support the efforts, augment the spirit of the helping hands movement. Committing resources to support the movement is a proof that you’ve heard and understood the message the world around you is communicating. Anyone, anywhere, all over the world, can support the movement. No amount is too small to make an impact. Bring your Helping Hands in and see how better the world can become. 

The Helping Hands Synchrony

When two or more different organizations perform similar task at the same time for the same target, we may refer to that as a joint venture. In most cases, proper planning and coordination is required to eliminate possibilities of conflicts, redundancy, or duplicity.

TMIMH Synchrony eliminates inter-organizational variance such as in situations where one organization may deal with a problem that another different organization deals with. An example is religious organization, operating under different sets of rules compared to other organizations run by either individuals, governments, businesses, or private entities, all focusing on eradicating a given problem affecting lives.


The World Around

Any organization, whether private, public, religious, or foundation, as long as it engages in such activities aimed at impacting lives or changing a situation, has its missions synchronized along with those of other organizations because they are all taking matters in their hands. TMIMH  Organization provides a cohesive platform that suits even religious organizations that operate under strict guiding principles.


Our expectation is to inspire individuals and groups to adopt the spirit of responsibility and involvement. When one individual acts in a manner that yields pragmatic result, the inspirational effect of that individual’s action can replicate, spread, and grow.

Impacting any life is a choice based on love, empathy, and compassion. The simple acts of kindness individuals show on lives in need are our only path to a better world. 

Positive Action: 

  • Saves lives
  • Inspires and empowers others
  • Helps solves cases (see something, say something)
  • Encourages good will
  • Promotes harmony
  • Allows appropriate channeling of resources
  • Educates others

Seen it?

                 Share it....

Do something!

How We Operate

Technology Oriented Mission


Technology is like a gift for our generation. The challenge is how we ultimately apply it. Social Media  has the capacity to impact the world positively ONLY if we are conscious enough to realize  that. Taking Matters in My Hands is a campaign on how positive actions can help make the world a better place.

Our T.O.M. approach mandates and encourages everyone to impact the world positively using social media. If you can See it, Hear it, Learn it, you can Act. We can reach every corner of the world in minutes using social media. The big question is, how does your action on social media (Facebook, YouTube, instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) impact life? 

Use technology appropriately to impact the world positively!

"The Helping Hands Stampede"

Nature has ways of communicating valuable messages to us if we pay close attention to what we see within our surroundings. The Helping Hands stampede occurs when a large group of people join The Helping Hands movement, which is our primary goal. The movement comprises TMIMH trailblazers, along with those who support their efforts. The goal is to consolidate all resources into one.......'taking matters in our hands to respond to problems affecting all lives'. The strength and power of unity is formidable and unstoppable. The fundamental point of this illustration is, coming together for a common goal significantly increases power and ability to overcome challenges.

The Helping Hands Stampede equates to the Wildebeests migration between Serengeti Plains in Tanzania and Masai Mara in Kenya. People come from all over the world to view this great migration known as "the stampede" as these large number of animals cross Mara River. Nothing can stop the stampede. To understand this in details, all it takes is one Wildebeest commencing the movement, followed by another. Before long, the movement becomes a stampede. Interestingly, inside the stampede are always different kinds of animals benefiting from the stampede. The Helping Hands stampede is not designed to benefit a particular thing. It impacts all lives without prejudice or favor because that is our primary mission.

The Helping Hands Trailblazers

​(Good Samaritans​)

These are the individuals and groups inspired by their deeper emotional connection with reality; who through empathy and love, take the initiatives to act in order to solve, manage, or eradicate problems they happen to come across. The Helping Hands trailblazers are the reason why the Helping Hands Movement was founded. Trailblazers are the Good Samaritans devoting their lives through acts of kindness.

Trailblazers fall in all the three categories. There are trailblazers whose efforts focus primarily on issues negatively impacting the environment. Others, dedicate their resources to save, care, and promote awareness on animals’ plight. The vast majority of trailblazers run programs focusing on various humanitarian disciplines, all designed to address issues affecting humans in various ways.

You can impact the world around you as an individual or group to make the world a better place. 

Whichever category one may fall under, they all share one common passion to help make an impact. Therefore, “they are all taking matters in their hands” to solve the problems affecting humans, animals, and environment.

"Actions Louder Than Words"

If actions truly speak louder than words, then TMIMH are the good actions speaking volumes of words but often go unheard. The Helping Hands movement is a channel through which the words ‘good actions’ speak can be heard. There is valuable information embedded in all acts of good deed. TMIMH is committed to providing a global platform where ‘all the words’ good actions speak can be heard. This organization is committed to presenting your stories to the world. The sacrifices and commitments made to change a negative situation are bold; the tasks are daunting, and the will to continue is relentless. 

 TMIMH Organization is here, committed and devoted to tell and share stories of individuals and groups, making great sacrifices to help lives in need. Someone out there will be inspired by these stories; others may take further steps to join the effort by committing resources to support the course after learning these stories.

Just Act; don't talk. Your action is already talking!


Getting Involved

"The Action"

There are several ways one can join The Helping Hands Movement as listed below. Taking matters in own hands is entirely voluntary, and the desire to do so must emanate from inner feelings. Knowing and recognizing the existence of a problem is the first step. Getting involved to find a solution to the problem is the milestone step forming the bedrock on which TMIMH fundamental mission restsWhereas some individuals and groups have regularly demonstrated the spirit of involvement, others have faced challenges in their quest to find solutions to the problems they have identified.

Crossing barriers can be very challenging. These barriers pertain to logistics, culture, geopolitics, etc., making it extremely difficult to advance and complete the process of taking matters in your hands. Our organization presents a new path for all efforts regardless of the life sphere on which each effort falls. For those individuals and groups, whose passion is to do something to preserve our natural environment, TMIMH Organization provides you with this platform; so goes for those focusing on all issues negatively affecting humans or animals in general. Through TMIMH, your effort to solve that problem you’ve been struggling to find solutions for will become a reality. In general, TMIMH is demonstrably portrayed as follows:

  • Volunteering and supporting local community, clubs, charities, etc.
  • Donating funds and resources to support any noble course of your choice
  • A scientist researcher taking time to find a cure for a disease
  • Recognizing actions and efforts individuals or groups undertake to correct a situation
  • Taking matters in your hands to solve, manage, prevent, or report something wrong within the limits of your ability

"This is how I impact the world"

Know where your compassion lies; together, we make the world a better place.

Have you or anyone you know stopped briefly to offer help or assistance to a stranger who needed help?

• Have you or someone you know volunteered at a local community, such as helping fix someone’s pouch, house, yard work, etc?

• Have you or someone you know stopped along the road to help a stranded person or a driver whose motor vehicle was disabled?

• Have you or anyone you know rescued any animal in danger?

• Have you or someone you know removed any environmental pollutant you came across, or hazardous material that can potentially cause injuries or destroy the environment?

Have you or anyone you know reported an incident to the authorities to help save a situation, or assist in solving a crime?

• Have you or anyone you know donated funds/resources or items such clothings, blankets, etc, to help those in need?

• Have you or anyone you know started a community organization, projects, programs, etc., in response to a problem affecting the local people?

• Have you or anyone you know conducted a lab research to find cure for a disease?

If your answer to any of these big questions is “YES,” then you have taken matters in your hands; that someone you know has taken matters in his/her hands to help solve the problem.

"The World is in your Hands!"

Whether you have taken initiatives to work tirelessly towards finding solutions to a problem, or in the process of seeking the prospects of tackling a problem you feel needs immediate attention, you are already taking matters in your hands. There are different organizations running programs and projects all over the world in response to problems affecting humans, animals, or the environment. In most parts, they operate independently, focusing specifically on a given life category, i.e, humans, animals, or environment. In retrospect, they have all taken matters in their hands to impact life positively.

Take action today; this minute to join The Helping Hands Movement. It doesn’t matter what your life orientation is, or how diverse your interests may be. A helping hand is central with one universal goal….. making an impact. Your support, however small, has a special impact in the life of someone in need, animals facing danger, or the environment constantly under deplorable state due to pollution and human negative habits. 

Look around you. Do you see anything that needs your help? What if your support is the only thing missing in order for normalcy to return? Maybe, all seem well around you. Not all is well somewhere. Your support can make a difference. Become a helping hand now and be a part of this movement to make an impact. Remember, the world around you is always speaking. Just pay attention and listen, see, or learn what the world around you is saying.

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