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"Who We Are"

Our Organization Positioning

Taking Matters in My Hands is a 501(c)(3) global nonprofit organization advocating and calling for immediate response to help solve, manage, or eradicate problems affecting humans, animals, and the environment. Our positioning foundation rests on our ability to provide a synchronized approach, incorporating and merging all efforts that impact the world positively under one organization. Our focus is life. Life is found in humans, animals, and the environment. Everyday, individuals and groups play pivotal roles in impacting the world around them in various ways. We founded taking matters in my hands or helping hands as a suitable platform for all acts of kindness impacting life individuals and groups engage in voluntarily to support the welfare and wellbeing of humans, animals, or the environment. The future of our planet is in everyone's hand.

"If you no longer need your plastics, please find out first if the environment will accept them!" Otherwise recycle or dispose off appropriately!

Environmental Helping Hands

The healthier the environment (land, water, atmosphere), the healthier the lives in it. TMIMH is inviting individuals, groups, and entities to join The Helping Hands Movement to save the environment. We continuously take matters in our hands for wrong reasons, destroying the environment; we are the only ones to take matters in our hands to save our environment. The effort we make to protect and preserve the environment has a lasting impact. You may  participate by donating funds and resources to help support the initiatives and efforts aimed at preserving the environment:

  • Waste management initiatives
  • Forest protection and restoration
  • Greenhouse gas emissions control
  • Rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans protection from pollution, all depend on the actions we take to ensure their sanctity and habitability.

How helping hands impact animals facing danger

Any animal be it domestic or wild may encounter certain problems that only a helping hand can solve. 

Are you that avid individual or group that has made efforts to help and support animals? Thank you for talking matters in your hands. Because of your act of kindness, that animal got a second chance.

Be a helping hand!

Helping hands for the needy

Acts of kindness for the needy specifically focuses on problems humans face. These are problems people face everyday; some as simple as helping the elderly with groceries. The problems humans face are diverse, complex, and at times severe. 

Poverty affects humans all over the world, ushering in series of other problems, and is therefore complex. Individuals and groups have responded and continue to respond to specific problems poverty brings.

Are you that individual, so passionate to help and support the homeless, the disabled, the sick, children, the elderly, orphans, and many more? Your positive action is the Helping Hand making a difference for lives in need. 

Our Organization is here to inspire you, tell and share your stories at a global platform specifically designed for people like you

Act of Kindness

 If you have not had a chance to impact a life in any way, we invite you to join The Helping Hands Movement. Perhaps you are that individual in whose community all is well with everything. Not all is well with someone somewhere. Maybe your support is the only thing needed to reverse the negative situation. Take matters in your hands now to impact someone’s life.

How Helping Hands impact Humans

  • Combat hunger
  • Fight drug abuse
  • Prevent early teen pregnancies
  • Reduce and eliminate crime
  • Provide job assistance
  • Provide counseling
  • Mentor youths
  • Provide for the homeless
  • Care for the disabled
  • Care for the elderly
  • Care and provide for the sick
  • Care and protect children
  • Provide free professional services

Helping Hands for protection and care of animals

"Please protect us; we need your helping hands"

How You Can Help

    • Rescue and care for abused domestic animals
    • Protect and conserve wildlife
    • Fight illegal wildlife trade and poaching
    • Protect and save birds facing extinction
    • Save marine life from pollution
    • End destruction of wild habitats

Helping Hands for the environment

"We supply your oxygen and provide life. We need your helping hands to protect us from pollution and destruction".

How You Can Help

        • Clear toxic wastes
        • Help collect and dispose garbage appropriately
        • Conserve trees and forests
        • Keep waterways free of pollution and wastes
        • Eliminate plastics from oceans and beaches
        • Reduce air pollution  
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